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Beethoven Piano Concerto No. 4

Beethoven’s Concerto no. 4 was finished in 1806 and premiered on December 22nd 1808 at the Theater an der Wien. with Beethoven as the soloist. It is a known fact that Beethoven attempted to present the concerto at an earlier time but was forced to wait since he could not find any piano players for the solo part.

Just like many of Beethoven's works this concerto was dedicated to Archduke Rudolf to whom the composer dedicated, among others, his Piano Concerto no. 5, numerous piano sonatas, his violin sonata or his Triple Concerto.

Starting with this concerto, Beethoven attributes a greater role to the orchestra in its relationship with the unaccompanied instrument, creating concertos that are considered genuine solo instrumental symphonies.

The piano concerto has three parts:

I. Allegro moderato

II. Andante con moto

III. Rondo-Vivace

Part I – Allegro moderato – starts with the presentation of the theme by the solo instrument renouncing at the presentation made by the orchestra as he had done in the first concertos.

Part II – Andante con moto – is a part full of contrasts, constructed like a dialogue between the orchestra and the solo instrument. The conversational character of this part renders the image of Orpheus, who, through his music, overcomes all hardships.

Part III – Rondo-Vivace – brings a cheerful and optimistic note through the themes of simple folkloric-like dance rhythms.

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