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Best 5 Beethoven Books on Amazon

1.Beethoven: The Universal Composer by Edmund Morris

2.Beethoven by Maynard Solomon

3.Beethoven: The Music and the Life by Lewis Lockwood

4.Late Beethoven: Music, Thought, Imagination by Maynard Solomon

5.Beethoven as I Knew Him by Anton Felix Schindler

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Beethoven Links

While there are many sites that are dedicated to the great classical composers or to classical music itself, there are only a few sites that we think are worth seeing. Those sites that we consider good enough are listed below.

Beethoven Sites

Raptus Association
This is on of the best Beethoven sites I have found on the Internet so far.It comes with a very extensive and comprehensive analysis of the life and creation of the great composer. Also has a great picture gallery.

King's Place
Another very good Beethoven resource.It has a lot of information on the great composer. It also hosts a forum and it is bilingual.

Beethoven: The Immortal
One of my top options when it comes to Beethoven on the Internet.A very nice site with an interesting media gallery
A very good Beethoven site with some very interesting features. Among them is the possibility to see the site in English, French, Italian or Spanish.

Beethoven Haus Bonn
Discover new or little known facts about the famous composer.

Other famous composers Sites

The Mozart Project
A very good Mozart resource. It features much information regarding his life and works.

J.S. Bach
The life and work of the great german composer Johann Sebastian Bach are presented in this site.

The Hector Berlioz Website
An excellent site dedicated to the life and creation of the great 19th century composer Hector Berlioz.
An excelent tribute to the great baroque composer George Frideric Handel.

Other Beethoven Related Sites
This site is about George Augustus Polgreen Bridgetower, a violonist to whom Beethoven dedicated his Sonata for Violin and Piano, Op. 47, now called the "Kreutzer Sonata".

1st Art Gallery
Original oil paintings gallery! Reproductions and frames.

Steven Estrella
Dr. Estrella’s Incredibly Abridged Dictionary of Composers contains accurate biographical information for more than 500 famous composers of Western art music.