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Beethoven's First Piano Sonatas

The three sonatas of op. 2 were composed in 1795 (according to Alsvang, the year is 1796) and were dedicated to J. Haydn

The first one, Sonata in F minor op. 2 no. 1 is often called "The Little Appassionata", due to the fact that it has the same tonality as the sonata of op. 57. It is structured in four parts. The musical theme of the first part resembles Mozart’s Little Symphony in G minor as well as the last part of Symphony no. 40 by the same composer.

Excerpt from Beethoven's Piano Sonata Op.2,No.1 , Part I

Part II – Adagio – is of great musicality and inaugurates the series of slow parts. The musical theme is full of melodic figurations, somehow announcing Chopin’s style.

Sonata in A major op. 2 no. 2 comes into powerful contrast with the no. 2 and no. 3 of the same opus, demonstrating that Beethoven could enjoy life in all its complexity. It has four parts. The third part – Scherzo Allegro – is no longer a minuet but a scherzo, which we will later encounter in Beethoven’s symphonies.

Sonata in C major op. 2 no. 3 also known as “The Little Waldstein” has a powerful artistic virtuosity character. It has four parts.

Sonata in E flat major op. 7 was published under the name “The Great Sonata” and was dedicated to countess Babette de Keglevics, who lived next to him. The sonata expressed the composer’s love of nature and after its emergence, it was renamed “Verliebte” (Woman in Love).

Sonata in C minor op. 10 no. 1 for the first time introduces tragic motifs, proving the symphonic style specific to Beethoven’s creation. It has only three parts. It was dedicated to countess Anna Margareta von Browne. The musical theme of the first part, by contrast renders the feeling of heroic decision on one hand and the feeling of fear and hesitation on the other.

Excerpt from Beethven's Piano Sonata Op. 10

Excerpt from Beethoven's Piano Sonata Op.10

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