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Beethoven Triple Concerto for piano, violin and cello in C major op. 56

Beethoven started working on this concerto in 1803. In 1804 he sends the manuscript to the Breitcopf and Hartel publishing house with the explicit note that it is something absolutely new. The first audition took place in the spring of 1808 and, despite the fact that the composer himself played the piano, the concerto had little success. Some considered the triple concerto more of a trio with orchestra. That is perhaps why it was later published as a trio.

Part I – Allegro – starts with the rendering of the thematic material by the orchestra and continues with the solo instruments, first the cello, then the violin and finally the piano. It’s interesting how Beethoven constructs the main musical theme starting with a given musical motif rendered by the cellos and double basses.

Excerpt from Beethoven's Tripe Concerto in C major op. 56, Part I

Part II – Largo – is very short but of great expressive richness as a page of Beethovenian creation of great inspiration. Here also the orchestra renders the thematic material, its role being much reduced.

Part III – Rondo alla Polacca – is introduced without a break, the passage being rendered through a sound insistently repeated by the cello. It has a joyful theme with sonorities specific to the Polish folklore, the popular accents being outlined also by the shifts from major to minor so typical for folkloric music.

Excerpt from Beethoven's Tripe Concerto in C major op. 56, Part III

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